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    We have presumed that the characteristics of the raw
    water will be remaining in the above range ane we have considered for both the river and well water as an input to the treatment plant.

    Physico-chemical treatment section.

    The Raw Water from the river is first collected into the
    underground primary setting tank for holding raw water
    equivalent to minimum 24 hours requirement of the
    treatment plant.This is required for the primary setting of the suspended materials and also maintaining a steady flow of the water into treatment plant as well as
    maintaining more or less uniform characteristics of the
    raw water for treatment in the treatment plant.
    Bar screen fitted at the inlet removes macro suspended

    Raw water will be drawn by means of raw water transfer pump set for feeding the same to the subsequent treatment plant.Depending on the biological load pre chlorination may be done by adding sodium hypochlorite or liquied CL2 through tonner.

    Flash Mixer:Raw water from the primary setting tank is
    taken into the flash mixer where Ferrous Sulphate/Alum
    solution,Lime solution, poly electrolyte solution will
    be dosed in order to remove of colour(if any),BOD and
    COD content of the raw water to some extend by means
    of coagulation following by flocculation.Ferrous
    Sulphate/Alum solution and the lime solution will be
    dosed at the inlet of the flash mixer through gravity.
    If required Polyelectrolyte solution will be dosed in the
    raw water as floculant for the purpose of removal of
    coagulated mass generated out of the suspended impurities.
    Polyelectrolyte solution will be dosed in the flash
    mixer by means of metering pump of through gravity.

    The resultant raw water along with chemical solution
    will then be fed into the clarifier by gravity for
    the purpose of removal of sludge,produced in the flash
    Mixer.The clarifire is provided with the centeral drive
    arrangement.Along with a sludge scraper blades positioned on the floor of the clarifire slowly sweeps settled sludge into a central sludge hopper.From the clarifire hopper, settled sludge in carried by gravity from the bottom of the clarifire to a sludge drying bed.From sludge drying bed, filtered water is recycled back to the clarifier.Sun dried sludge will have to be remove from the time to time.

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