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    Dual Media Filter (DMF) :
    Dual Media Filter primarily used to Filter out Turbidity in the raw up to level of 50 NTU.It consists of of sand and Anthracite as Filtering Medium, Anthracite having higher dirt holding capacity is used for removing turbidity.

    Activated carbon Filters (ACF) :
    Activated carbon Filters consists of charcoal which is used as a media for removal of Free Residual Chlorine, Colour,Odour and Oil in small quantity.

    Pressure Sand Filter (PSF) :
    Fine mesh sand along with gravel of different sizes are used as the filtering Media. It is used to filter out turbidity from Raw Water up to level of 25 NTU.

    Iron Removal Filter (IRF) :
    Iron Removal Filter consists of Managanese Dioxide layer which works as a catalyst For converting Iron present in water as Ferrous to Ferric ion which can be easily precipitated & filtered physically.Iron removal Filter is used for removing Dissolved Iron from water.

    Application :-
  •  Industries
  •  Tea Gardens
  •  Hospitals and Hotels
  •  Housing Complexes

    Advantages :-
  •  Safe potable Waters
  •  Minimum Maintenance Cost
  •  Reduction of Corrosion in Pipe Lines
  •  Easy Handiling.

    WATER TESTING KITS : For the detail Analysis of Water we have the following Water Testing Kit:

  •  Hardness Testing Kit
  •  Alkalinity Testing Kit
  •  Chloride Testing Kit
  •  Iron Testing Kit along with PH and TDS/Conductivity Meter.

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