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  •  Water and waste water technologies constitute the second largest component of the global enviornment industry.
     Waste Water treatment is now must for Industrial,Commercial and large Housing Complexes.This ia a unique  combination of Enviornmental engineering and Chemistry.Effluent water treatment is a passion of TOIL,all the  Engineers are very energetic and Experienced enough in developing innovative concepts and ideas which are not only  result oriented but cost effectives also. Water Treatment Division offers expertise in water Management recycling which  includes zero discharge plants also.

     Preliminary treatment:
     Bar screens large debris like rags,paper and leaves from the influent water.

     Primary treatment:
     Scum floats and sludge settles at the bottom of the primary setting tank.Skimmers remove scum from the surfase of the  water and Scrapers remove sludge from the tank bottom both are sent on to the solids handiling process.

     Secondary treatement:
     It is a biological process where primary effluent is pumped to aeration tanks where oxygen is added to encourage  growth of desirable micro-organisms.Micro-organisms consumes suspended and dissolved organic material present  in waste water,in the process they produce more bacteria.

     Flash Mixer :
     Depending on the nature of the influent water quality Alum/PAC,Lime and Poly electrolytes are being dosed in the Flash  Mixer.The waste water then enters to Clarifiers where suspended solids,organic materials and bacteria are settled at  the bottom of the clarifier.Most of the sludges goes back to the aeration tank where as the clarified water which is 85%  cleaner then when it entered the plant.

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